01. Religious services, long [suppressed] by the communist government, are now being tolerated.
02. The violent [suppression] of the demonstrations has drawn international criticism.
03. Dissidents say the attempts at [suppression] of their voices will only make them stronger.
04. The growth of cancerous cells can be [suppressed] using chemotherapy treatments.
05. Cigarettes seem to [suppress] our natural immunity somewhat.
06. If you try to [suppress] your emotions, it can cause many problems.
07. The government has been accused of [suppressing] information which is important to the investigation.
08. New evidence has shown that some popular diet [suppressants] can cause heart problems.
09. Critics charge the higher interest rates will [suppress] economic development.
10. Charles Hamilton Houston once remarked that a Negro has handicaps enough without having to pay taxes to support the education of white students to learn how to [suppress] him.
11. Cicero observed that freedom [suppressed], and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered.
12. The Arch of Titus was erected in 81 A.D. to honor Titus' capture of Jerusalem and his [suppression] of a Jewish rebellion.
13. Victoria Billings once suggested that rape is a culturally-fostered means of [suppressing] women.
14. The breakfast cereal Kellogg's Cornflakes was originally invented to [suppress] sexual desire.
15. According to the Sikh religion, only fools and idiots try to [suppress] others.
16. In the year 43 A.D., the Romans conquered England, and [suppressed] the local Celtic tribes.
17. Punishment may be considered an effective technique for [suppressing] undesirable behavior in principle.
18. Psychologists now believe that memory deficits which occur as we get older may be because we lose the ability to [suppress] irrelevant thoughts or irrelevant stimuli.
19. The music of ancient Rome left few traces, partly because it was deliberately [suppressed].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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